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Our Favorite Recipes of 2016

Happy New Year! We can’t believe how fast December flew by. So much has changed for all of us in the last year, both personally and professionally (tons of home improvement projects, a promotion for Nicole, a new job for Christine, a study abroad trip to Sweden for Danielle, business growth for Taylor Made Sweets & Treats, and more). Thanks to all of our readers for sticking along for the ride!

We’re excited to see what 2017 brings, but before we get too far into January, we wanted to take a look back at our favorite Razzle Frazzle recipes posted in the past year:

1. Apple Pie BarsApple Pie Bars -

We tried this recipe for Christmas 2015, and it’s been our go-to baked good ever since. A few months ago, we bought a 3-in-1 apple tool from Sur La Table (it peels, cores and slices!), and now it takes us all of about 5 minutes to prep the apples for this and all other apple desserts. They just look so fancy, too. 🙂

Apple Pie Bar Recipe

2. Breakfast Crostini
Breakfast Crostini (

Want an impressive-looking brunch dish that doesn’t take much more work than making loaded scrambled eggs? This breakfast crostini fits the bill. Use pre-cut/toasted crostini to save yourself a couple of steps.

Breakfast Crostini Recipe

3. Cheesy Sausage Bread Bowl Dip

Cheesy sausage bread bowl dip -

This amazing sausage and mozzarella bread bowl dip is a Christmas tradition in Nicole & Danielle’s family. The best part is eating the bread bowl when the dip’s all gone! 😉

Cheesy Sausage Bread Bowl Dip Recipe

4. Sweet & Tangy Macaroni Salad

Sweet & tangy macaroni salad -

Why make plain old macaroni salad when you can add a sweet and spicy kick to it with honey pineapple mustard? This side dish was a hit at our Fourth of July party this past year, and we can’t wait for barbecue season so we can make it again!

Sweet & Tangy Macaroni Salad Recipe

5. Pancake Mix Cinnamon Rolls

Pancake Mix Cinnamon Rolls (

When you need cinnamon rolls immediately, just pull out some prepared pancake mix and milk. Add a little melted butter and cinnamon sugar, and you’ll have your delicious, doughy treats in less than 20 minutes!

Pancake Mix Cinnamon Roll Recipe

We hope you’ll continue to follow our food and crafting adventures here on Razzle Frazzle in 2017!

Blue Apron Winners + Happy Razzle Frazzle-versary!

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who entered our Blue Apron anniversary giveaway. We have selected our five winners. We hope you enjoy your first delivery!


Secondly, we’d like to express our gratitude to all our readers, old and new, who have followed Razzle Frazzle over the last three years. We started this blog mostly for our own amusement, but we are so thrilled to know that people actually come here and read about our recipes, crafts and life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

As always, we’d like to kick off Year 4 by re-sharing the drink that started it all, The Razzle Frazzle.

The "Razzle Frazzle" shot

The Razzle Frazzle

-1/2 oz. berry schnapps
-1 oz. Malibu
-1 oz. half-and-half
-Splash of Curacao
-Splash of grenadine
-Fresh raspberry

Stir schnapps, Malibu and half and half together and pour into a small glass. Add a splash of Blue Curacao, then a splash of grenadine syrup (the grenadine will sink to create a layered effect). Garnish with a fresh berry.

-Nicole, Christine & Danielle (a.k.a. The Razzle Frazzle Team)

2015: A Razzle Frazzle Recap

Happy New Year! We can’t believe it’s already the first Monday of 2016. Though we didn’t get to post as much as we hoped, Razzle Frazzle had a great year, and we feel we’re well on our way to finding our voice as a blog. As we enter our third year (we turn 3 in March!), we wanted to take a look back on a few of our favorite posts from 2015. Thanks to all our readers for your support—we hope you’ll continue to enjoy our content this year!

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo chicken dip -

This is our very favorite easy-to-make dip, for game day or any day! We made this for Super Bowl 2015, and intend to bring it back for this year’s festivities. Our only mistake was not making enough! (Read more)

Chrome Girl Nail Polish

Chrome Girl nail polish (

Co-founded by Jaime Boreanaz (wife of one of our favorite actors, David Boreanaz and a pure delight on Instagram!), Chrome Girl nail polish is cruelty-free and eliminates many of the harmful chemicals found in standard polishes. We loved getting the chance to try and review these fun colors! (Read more)

Taylor Made Sweets & Treats Cakes

By Taylor Made Sweets and Treats

Our side business, TMST, grew quite a bit in 2015—we even officially registered with the state in October! We love being able to share our work there with our readers here. (Read more)

Tina’s First Birthday


Our little fluffball turned one in June! We’re kind of obsessed with this dog, so of course we had to recap her first year with tons of adorable pictures. (Read more)


Alcohalloween DIY costume (Razzle Frazzle)
For this year’s Razzle Frazzle Halloween party, we doubled down on our appreciation for alcoholic beverages and made it the costume theme! Our friends came up with some AWESOME outfits, although Tina decidedly did not like being a cocktail olive. (Read more)

DIY Wedding Projects

Taylor Wedding, 8-22-15 / Hurricane Productions

Oh, that’s right, we got married. That was a pretty big thing in 2015, huh? We recapped some of our cost-cutting DIY projects, with photos by our wonderful photographers at Hurricane Productions. (Read more)

Here’s to a successful 2016!

-The Razzle Frazzle Team

Mrs. and Mrs. Taylor

WE DID IT! Christine and Nicole got married over the weekend and it was spectacular. We’re so excited to start our new life as Mrs. and Mrs. Taylor (or as Brittney would call us, Mrs. and Mrs. Razzle Frazzle).



More pics to come soon, but for now, these beautiful ones my cousin took at the ceremony will suffice 🙂

-Christine & Nicole (aka the new Mrs. & Mrs. Taylor)

Happy 2015!

2014 was a pretty exciting year here at Razzle Frazzle. We shared 10 new recipes, 3 Taylor Made cakes, a huge photo post from our “What the Hall-oween” party with DIY costumes and our first show review. We welcomed a new furry member of the Razzle Frazzle team (Tina!) and perhaps most exciting of all, we ran our very first giveaway with Uncommon Goods.

We want to thank everyone who read and shared our posts this year, and hope you’ll continue to follow us in 2015. As we build up our Taylor Made portfolio, you’ll be seeing more of our work from there, as well as some great crafts and recipes. Until then, here are a few of our favorite posts from this year:

Frozen berry margaritas

Who doesn’t love a frozen margarita? Traditional margs are great, but homemade berry syrup always makes it better.

Nature-themed bridal shower cake by Taylor Made Sweets and Treats

We loved making this nature-themed bridal shower cake for our friend Jackie. It was especially fun to learn about and engineer the “cake pull” ribbons.

BenDeLaCreme - Terminally Delighful! NYC debut

Meeting RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 contestant Ben De La Creme was definitely a highlight of 2014 for us. Such an amazing and talented performer, and so sweet in person, too!

Tina-Morkie (7)

This post was pretty much just an excuse to share a ton of pictures of our puppy. Tina is 6 months old now and has gotten a little bigger since we got her (not by much though…she’s still less than 7 pounds). Can’t believe what a guinea pig she used to be!

DIY Halloween Costumes on

Possibly one of the most interesting Halloween parties we’ve hosted so far. We loved making these ridiculous DIY costumes.

Michael Kors purse cake by Taylor Made Sweets and Treats

Our favorite (and most talked about!) Taylor Made cake. 10/10, would make this Michael Kors-inspired purse cake again.

Wishing all of our readers a very happy new year!

-The Razzle Frazzle team

Uncommon Goods giveaway winner

….aaaaaand we have a winner!!! Congratulations, Samantha—you’ve won $50 to Uncommon Goods! Your gift certificate will arrive by email later today. We’re so thrilled that the winner ended up being someone we know personally, too!


We couldn’t be happier that our first giveaway was such a huge success…almost 500 entries! Thank you so much to everyone who entered. We can’t wait to do more giveaways in the future!

Meet Tina

This is Tina.

[UPDATE! We posted a photo collection for Tina’s first birthday in June 2015. Sadly, she is no longer this tiny, but she’s still a little fluffball]

Tina-Morkie (2)

She’s a 2 1/2 month-old Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie) and she just came home about two weeks ago.

Tina-Morkie (1)

Her favorite activities include playing with every single toy she owns, at once…

Tina-Morkie (5)

…sitting in baskets…

Tina-Morkie (6)

…going to PetSmart…

Tina-Morkie (8)

…and sleeping in impossibly weird positions (like most dogs).

Tina-Morkie (4)

Basically, she’s the cutest thing ever and we just wanted to give y’all a heads up that she’ll probably appear in more Razzle Frazzle posts in the future. Especially when she’s (begrudgingly) dressed up in pink bows.

Tina-Morkie (7)

-The Razzle Frazzle team