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DIY Small Outdoor Dog Bed


If you’re like us, you might spend a little too much money spoiling your dog. We always say we’re not going to buy Tina more stuff (this pup has more toys than she knows what to do with), but then we see something adorable and decide she absolutely needs to have it. It might be a little out of control.

Over the summer, we thought Tina might like to have an outdoor bed since she was spending more time in the yard. Instead of buying a ready-made bed, we decided to save a few dollars and make one ourselves at home.

Using PVC pipe and fittings (which are pretty inexpensive and available at most hardware stores) and a “replacement” canvas dog bed cover, we were able to put together a pretty decent bed. Here’s how we did it!

Note: This bed is intended for small dogs (under 20 pounds). We can’t vouch for how well it will hold up with a larger dog.


  • 1 nylon canvas dog bed cover (we bought a medium Coolaroo Replacement Dog Bed Cover)
  • 4 one-inch 90-degree elbow CPVC fittings (use larger size pipe for a larger bed size)
  • 4 one-inch tee CPVC fittings
  • 4 one-inch cap CPVC fittings
  • 1 one-inch 10-ft. CPVC hot cold pipe (you may need more for a larger bed)



  • Permanent market
  • Tape measure
  • Ratcheting PVC cutter (you can use a handheld saw, but this gives you a cleaner, more controlled cut and no pipe dust)
  • Tiger Bond glue



1. Measure the bed cover. Cut four pieces of PVC pipe to be 1.5 inches shorter than each side of the cover. Cut four additional 3-inch pieces for the legs.

diy-pvc-pipe-dog-bed-3 diy-pvc-pipe-dog-bed-4

2. Thread the frame pieces through the openings in the bed cover. Place the tee fittings on the ends of each piece and connect the pieces one at a time, using a small amount of Tiger Bond glue to secure them.

diy-pvc-pipe-dog-bed-5 diy-pvc-pipe-dog-bed-6



3. Attach the elbow fittings to the tee fittings, with the larger end facing down.


4. Attach the leg pieces to the elbow fittings, then cover the open ends with the cap fittings.

diy-pvc-pipe-dog-bed-10 diy-pvc-pipe-dog-bed-11 diy-pvc-pipe-dog-bed-12

5. Give it to your pup to enjoy!


Two dogs on the bed at once is not recommended, but Tina and Jake were just being SO CUTE.

So, it may not save a ton of money, but it’s just fun to make something with your own two hands sometimes. Tina loves her bed and we’re proud that we made it for her!

-Christine & Nicole

Tina’s First Birthday

Over the weekend, our little fluffball, Tina the Morkie, turned one.

We brought her home when she was just 10 weeks old, so we’ve watched her grow from what was essentially a large guinea pig…
Tina-Morkie (8)

…to 7.5 pounds of pure sass and fluff.

Tina, Queen of Side Eye

Tina, Queen of Side Eye

You probably don’t care about the daily activities of our dog (although 90-something people currently follow her Instagram account), but we actually think she leads quite an interesting life for only being a year old.

She runs marathons.

She goes river (pool) rafting.

She helps Nicole out with her work.

She has backyard adventures with her Uncle Jake.

She even tames lions in her spare time.

Mostly though, she just likes to be wherever we are (even our bridal shower). Happy birthday, Tina! Thanks for making Razzle Frazzle a cuter, happier corner of the web.